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Are you satisfied with the quality of WeSendit and looking for more possibilities and perks? With WeSendit Premium, you can draw on unlimited resources to intelligently optimize your data transfers. We are offering an attractive upgrade from which you can permanently benefit.

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Overview of your data

WeSendit Premium is not only easy to navigate, it can also be tailored to fit your individual needs. A user-friendly, clear interface assures rapid access to and processing of your data.

Transfer up to 20 GB

With WeSendit Premium, substantial data packets are no longer a problem. Whether it’s complete HD videos or high-resolution photo sets or business presentations, any upload of up to 20 GB can be transferred completely securely and free of complications!


WeSendit Channel           

Set up individual accents and transfer your data with your own personal fingerprint. Optimize your downloads with your own backgrounds and a personal URL, and give your emails a distinctive layout with recognition value.

Long-term storage

With us, nothing gets lost! WeSendit makes sure your data stays safely stored on our secure servers. This way, you can access your data at any time, forward it or transfer it again. The storage time is unlimited according to your wishes and can be used for data amounts of up to 100 GB.


Sending passwords

We guarantee the security of your data. With WeSendit Premium, you have the option of protecting your data very easily and manageably with a password. This way, third-party access is made impossible and you can be sure that your uploads won’t reach the wrong hands.


Loyalty points & coupons

Collect points and earn coupons! With WeSendit, you can benefit from every bit of data transferred and collect attractive prizes according to your interests. Whether you’re a foodie, an athlete or an avid traveler, there’s something for everyone.


Address book management

With us, you can manage your contacts and never lose track of your recipients again! Nothing is worse than a failed fast delivery due to missing contact information. We provide an optimal overview of all of your contacts and data.


Data management

With WeSendit Premium, we provide a user-friendly overview of all your data so that you always have unlimited access and don’t have to perform long tedious searches. In terms of searching for data or checking the status of your last upload - you can change the data management settings according to your individual needs.


Personalized transfers

With the Business Account, we offer you the option of transferring data within a presentation framework of the corporate design of your company. Under the “personalize” option you can define your own URL in 6 easy steps, for example mycompany.wesendit.com, and include a profile photo and 3 background photos to enhance the overall professional appearance of your company/product’s corporate design for your customers.

Account management

In your account, you’ll get a complete overview of all active or inactive functions, and you can manage a variety of settings with just one click. Moreover, you can access a statistical overview of completed uploads and loyalty points that are automatically credited to your account per upload.

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